Making Some Of The Finest Tie Dye Available Since 1987

Most of my shirts are in the $40 -$75 range, but a small few are $250-$500+ each because I spend anywhere from 8 to 14 hours hand stitching the detail before I apply color, up to 24 hours of stitching for some tapestries, then I have to cut the stitches and pull them out, as I rinse it~

These (stitched) designs are labor intensive, so I cannot wholesale the originals, and the price (on the originals) is not negotiable, but I do sell Canvas Prints of some designs, and wholesale inquiries (on the prints and handmade traditional designs) are welcome.

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TieDyeSteve Project, shot by Marty Kronk, in 2011 ~ A teaser which shows a variety of designs followed by a rapid time lapse of the process by which I stitched and dyed a Skull and Crossbones Design~

  • T-Shirts

    A Variety Of Designs, Sizes, and Prices, based on the design and the degree of difficulty~

  • Tapestries

    I do my tapestries on 100% Cotton Muslin Fabric, ripped from a bolt to specific measurements, so they have rough edges. I kind of like them that way, but if you prefer a clean edge I can have the edges hemmed for a few dollars more, depending on the size.

  • Stickers

    I like to feature some of my images in the form of a sticker or patch. If you see a design that would look good as a sticker, reach out and I'll consider that design for my next run~

  • Canvas Prints

    I've been photographing every piece that I make ever since I was introduced to digital photography, a little over two decades now. I can go back and have any image printed on a stretched canvas frame, for a fine art presentation that takes the t-shirts and tapestries a step up for the walls of any home

    If you see a design in my photo albums that you would like to have on your wall, reach out and I'll have one made and shipped directly to you. It generally takes a little over a week to arrive~

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